Event title: Donate Your Furs to Coats for Cubs!
Dates: January 2, 2016 through April 22, 2016
Hours: During normal business hours; visit

Event Description:
Do you have any fur items hanging around your closet collecting dust? Now is the time to give them a better home by donating your coats and accessories trimmed or lined in fur to any participating Buffalo Exchange location. Through April 22, your warm and cozy fur donations will be sent to wildlife rehabilitation centers across the United States to provide a natural and nurturing environment for recovering animals. Since 2006, Buffalo Exchange has collected nearly 11,000 used furs through the Coats for Cubs program. Additional information is available online at and photos are available for download on Dropbox.

A pioneer in resale fashion, Buffalo Exchange works to protect the environment by reusing and recycling clothing. Clothing and accessories are bought, sold, and traded with customers, highlighting creativity, diversity, and fashion trends unique to each community. Since its beginning in 1974, this family-operated company has grown to 49 stores in 19 states. More information about the company can be found on its website, as well as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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